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Owner/ Director

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Ms.Samantha James

Ms.Samantha Pulsifer-James is a Mom and Wife who's  originally from NH. She began dancing at a young age and has had the opportunity to dance and train in multiple styles of dance in New York, Africa, London, Boston, and more. She has had the opportunity to be an instructor at the Legendary Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio. She has always had a passion for dance, and making a positive impact on todays youth that she new someday she would open a studio of her own and spread the love of the art. SDA was opened in Chatsworth, CA in 2018. Ms. Samantha is YPAD certified and a proud member of More Than Just Great Dancing. She aims to bring the best dance education to the Los Angeles Valley area and welcomes everyone with open arms and a big smile!

Coach Jacob Bower

Jacob grew up in San Jose, California. He found his love for dance at the age of 15, and had the natural abilities to do so. He immediately started working hard, and quickly excelled in his craft. Jacob started to train in acrobatics and contortion and  loves being an artist.  Before moving to LA he was working as an acrobatic instructor/choreographer at numerous studios in the Bay Area. He recently moved to LA, and has taught at numerous studios. He's excited to bring more positivity to the dance community, and that all starts in the studio.

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Ms. Christa Wallin

Ms. Christa has been born and raised in Southern California. She started off dancing at the age of 3 at her pre-school. When she got older she ventured into theater and color guard, but dance was where her heart belonged. At the age of 14 she joined a dance studio for the second time in her life. She trained, as well as, competed in different styles of dance in her studio time. After High School she joined Fullerton College's Dance program and expanded her knowledge of dance. Ms. Christa is very excited to share her passion for dance and everything she has learned with the students at Sampul Dance Academy.

 Ms.Maddie Schneider

Maddie is a dancer and emerging choreographer in Los Angeles. She is a recent graduate of California State University, Northridge.  While majoring in Dance and Kinesiology she apprenticed under Evan Rosenblatt and his personal practice, “The Conscious Dancer.”  She has also trained intensively under J.M. Rodriguez, Dasha Tertova, Volta Collective, and FLOCKWorks. She has choreographed and danced for various studio and college performances in the San Fernando Valley including CSUN, Cantinas Arts Foundation, Shepherd Church, and Studio 1 Dance Academy.  Maddie is also passionate about bridging the art and science of dance as she is continuing her education to pursue a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. She looks forward to providing students with a fun and nurturing experience in all her classes! 

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Ms.Eliana Gonzalez

Eliana Gonzalez is a Sampul Alumni and has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She has trained in many different styles of dance like tap, ballet, jazz, and contemporary.  She's currently a student at Cal State Fullerton where she's studying biology to some day become a Pediatrician. She loves watching her students grow each and every week and is happy to continue being a part of the Sampul family!

Ms. Saryh Deadmon

Ms. Saryh Deadmon is a  hiphop fusion dancer from Southern California who has grown up as a self taught artist. She's now taking the industry route and constantly working on her craft as well as helping train others to develop theirs as well. She's currently studying Theatre and Dance as well as being President of Cal State University Northridge Hip Hop Team. She follows anything that she can adapt to through her passions not only including dance but also video production and the music industry. When she's not teaching class you can catch her behind the desk as one of our awesome admin!

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Mr. Ra

Ra is a talented dancer originally from Philadelphia. He has received extensive training in different styles falling under the Hip-Hop and Funk categories. At the young age of 13, Ra was already recognized as a student protege by various members of the prestigious Rennie Harris Puremovement. By age 22, he was touring theaters both nationally and internationally. Ra, also known as FLitz, is an expert in Breakin', Lockin', Poppin', Hip-hop, House music, dance, and history.

Ms. Paula

Ms.Paula has been the office manager for SDA since the day the doors opened . She's always there to answer any questions you may have or just a friendly face to say hi to.


Ms. Analiese

Ms.Analiese is a former SDA alumni and one of our friendly greeters at the studio. She's happy to help in anyway and answer any questions you may have.

Ms. Kayley

Coming soon

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